Need a way to show ROI to your clients on their digital advertising?  Live Chat on their website is the answer.  Having Live Chat on a client’s website enables them to get more leads and engage website visitors with live, trained, chat agents, 24/7.

Live Chat Features Include:

  • Live Chat box installed on your client’s website and text to chat option for mobile too.
  • Customized Live Chat box options to match the look of the website.
  • “Call Connect” feature has the agent connect leads straight to the business’ designated phone number.
  • Trained agents to handle all lead inquiries in both English and Spanish.
  • CRM Integration.

How it Works:

Website visitors are presented with an invitation chat box that is designed to match your client’s website’s look with the option to chat or text (on mobile only). Trained agents with knowledge of your client’s company get lead information. New leads are delivered in real time, with the full transcription of the chat or text conversation.

Did you know most leads come OUTSIDE of business hours?  Are you missing out on those leads?

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